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I set up an appointment with Dr. Beaumont for treatment of serious periodontal issues. After Laser gum therapy, my mouth not only got much healthier, but the improvement has gone way beyond my expectations. The gum treatment was nearly pain free and the recovery time was fast. It is a very friendly place to visit and I always feel welcomed, cared for, and well informed. Before I thought I was destined to loose all my, but that was before I came to Dr. Beaumont's office!

I'm a patient with a real fear of dentists. I hadn't been to the dentist in well over 20 years when I ended up at Chatham Dentists with a cracked tooth. I knew I was in for quite a big adventure, but Dr. Strait and her amazing staff have been wonderful. Because I have not done any work to my teeth for many years, there were some concerns that we had to tidy up quickly, including periodontal work. Using the latest high-tech technology, we were able to complete the work with virtually no pain. Color me shocked!! Chatham Dentists is highly recommended.
At our Chatham Dentist Practice, we provide the best dental services in Ontario. To see all of the services we offer, select the view all button below:
  1. ZOOM! In-office teeth whitening
    Professional teeth whitening is a very popular treatment option....
  2. Restorative and Cosmetic Porcelain Inlays
    Inlay restorations are custom made fillings that are comprised of...
  3. Restorative and Cosmetic Porcelain Onlays
    Onlay procedures generally require at least two appointments. Your...
  4. Wisdom Tooth Extraction (Oral Surgery)
    Extractions are the most common reasons for oral surgery. Tooth...
Before coming to the Dentist it is always smart to learn as much information about your teeth as possible. For more info see below:
  1. How does a tooth Erode?
    Enamel is the hard calcified tissue that covers and protects the...
  2. How do you avoid bad breath?
    Bad breath usually results from food particles and bacteria being...
  3. What are some things I may need to consider before becoming a dental hygienist?
    There is more than one way to accomplish your goals. In order to...
  4. Can you still use your tooth after a root canal?
    In most cases the tooth will be restored to feel and act as any...
At Chatham Dentists, our oral health care team focuses on both general family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. There are several solutions and ways to further enhance your smile, improve self-esteem and advance personal success. Please use this site as a tool to help inform yourself about the many options and treatments available to you, then come visit us and receive a complimentary consultation.